Next Match:

  • Antwerp
  • VS
  • Izegem
  • Kick-off12:00
Beringen, Belgium

League Standings:

# 2015 Senior's Regular Season Wins Losses
1Puurs Titans13
2Ostend Pirates31
3Limburg Shotguns14
4Leuven Lions05
5Izegem Tribes22
6Ghent Gators50
7Brussels Black Angels40
8Antwerp Diamonds23


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  • @eandis_cvba Do you happen to have an english version?

  • @eandis_cvba please tweet a link on how to calculate 'Network Charges' and at mention us. Thx:)

  • Beste @eandis_cvba, How do u calculate "Netarienven voor (kosten distributienetbeheerder)" on gas factuurs? Is there link you can share?

  • @FedEx delivered the Foam Footballs we plan to give away at May 25th Couleur Sport event @ Park Spoor Noord 14 tot 21

  • @Astinos See what you can do about that if you have the time;)