2015 Diamond Bowl:

  • Maastricht
  • VS
  • AAFC Seniors
  • Kick-off14:00
Puurs, Belgium

Current Standings:

# 2015 u19 Regular Season Wins Losses
1Charleroi Coalminers51
2Sint Agatha Bulls51
3Ostend Pirates41
4Brussels Black Angels42
6Waterloo Warriors33
7Brussels Tigers31
8Grez-Doiceau Fighting Turtles24
9Izegem Tribes23
10Andenne Bears15
11Tournai Phoenix00
12Ghent Gators04
13Sterrebeek Brigands06

Upcoming Matches:

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  • Here we go!

  • Josh Jones of @ITP_Belgium presented Njord Chauveau with the tickets he won in r NFL Package Give Away! https://t.co/td0w92U6Bp

  • Youth Quarterbacks tossing to Wide Receivers.

  • U13 Flag Football! Girls and Boys!